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Hair and Makeup


"Drawing inspiration from a beautiful young, free-spirited downtown girl who wants to go out and wear a man's coat over her pretty, embellished and antique outfit. She's pushing boundaries. Her style is "magpie Americana", vintage inspired. The makeup is feminine, and fresh. The skin is warm, live, healthy and glowing. It's dewy. There is a beautiful transparent burgundy stain on the mouth, blush on the cheeks. It's undone / done. Brows are feathery and brushed. The play with gold palettes (glitter) over the eyelids (starting in the corner of the eye), persists with the idea of the woman who wants to embellish herself and dress up."

- Pat McGrath


"Hair for Fall '16 is fresh and pretty, with a slightly sporty feeling that makes it feel cool and effortless. THe look is really loose and tight, with some fly-away texture and pieces that fall down casually and move. I always try to style the girls at Tommy with a lot of texture - we want there to be an energy to the hair that matches the show's great music and movement. Tommy's all about pure, all-American beauty; it's effortless but stylish and beautiful. It's simple and honest, and it doesn't need to be anything else."

- Eugene Souleiman