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Hair and Makeup

#TOMMYNOW Fall 2016

Hair & Makeup Quotes

"This season is about all-American beauty, but taken more to the street – it's very natural with pronounced brows, perfect skin, and a small amount of lash. It's that new, all-American, healthy beauty but really pared back."

– Pat McGrath

"This season's look is about celebrating diversity and a more emphatic approach to styling; we're treating each of the models as their own person. It's refined and very natural, but enhanced slightly to animate the girls. There's relaxed hair that's pulled back beautifully, and some lovely little hair-cuts with texture. There are bangs, there's very straight hair and there's center-parted hair with texture, whether it be wavy or curly. It's all about enhancement but keeping that special vibe that real girls have. It's a very personal approach."

– Eugene Souleiman