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Make Up Palette

Very inspired by festivals. Looking at the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Joplin, Marianne Faithfull, all the muses of the time, but with a modern, playful spirit. It's just all about the girls with a little bit of black around the eyes, really softly applied. We're going to play with painted tattoos that are made out of stars in colors of green, grey, black, burgundy, and a rusty yellow on the body, hands, and face.  Pat McGrath

The inspiration for the hair comes from music. It really reminds me of a festival kind of feeling, something that's very loose and slightly unkempt, very free, and kind of delicate at the same time. So really, it's kind of like a chic take on a hippy girls. The hippy girls of yesteryear meet the hippy girls of today.  Eugene Souleiman